2020 Project

The 2020 Project is an ambitious initiative to develop and finance the next phase of capital projects at the University of California, Merced.


A 21st Century Research University
for 10,000 Students

The 2020 Project will provide significant amounts of new teaching and research facilities, housing, athletics and support space for UC Merced.  The ultimate result will be a vibrant, collaborative and sustainable campus for 10,000 students.     

What's New:

Reissued Request for Qualifications #UCM20200414-1 (September 2014)

Request for Qualifications for Comprehensive Development of the UC Merced 2020 Project  

The University has cancelled its original Request for Qualifications for the Project dated April 18, 2014, as amended, and has reissued a Request for Qualifications dated September 25, 2014.   Statements of Qualifications are due on October 24, 2014

The University has determined that, based on the extent of administrative deficiencies found in Statements of Qualifications received from respondent teams, the interests of the University would be best served by issuing a new solicitation in order to ensure fully compliant responses.

The teams that submitted Statements of Qualification are all world class teams with high quality constituent members.  The University believes that, with careful attention to RFQ requirements, teams will be able to submit fully compliant Statements of Qualifications.

The Project consists of the comprehensive development, including the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of some or all of the elements, of academic, administrative, research, recreational, student residence and student services buildings, utilities and infrastructure, outdoor recreation and open space areas, and associated roadways, parking and landscaping, for UC Merced.